The company SAS Apple des Cimes was created by six colleagues with a passion for their region, the Hautes-Alpes. Our aim is to promote products from this mountainous area which have their origins in the wide variety of traditional agricultural methods.

Our approach involves identifying products closely linked to local farming traditions then developing an economic model for production.

The products we currently offer are derived entirely from apples grown in local orchards at a high altitude. This production at altitude is essential for the unique balanced taste of these liqueurs.

From orchard to bottle, from apple to sublime liqueur, every step of the process is carried out locally.

We are currently focussed on working with traditional apple growers, but our goal is to enlarge our range to include products made from other fruit and varieties of grapes which are endemic to our alpine regions.

In the long term we would hope to develop further, using wild or cultivated varieties, which in our eyes have a strong, so far un-tapped gastronomic potential.


Apple des Cimes  Imagine  and produced in the Hautes-Alpes


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Les rendez-vous de l'été


Vendredi 14 juillet

dégustation à bord du Veyn'art entre Veynes et Embrun de 8h50 à 13h.



Vendedi 21 juillet

Sur les marchés de La Roche des Arnauds (le matin) et à Ribiers de 19h à 22h


Samedi 22 juillet

Marché nocture de St Abdon - Tallard - de 18h à 22h
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Mardi 25 juillet

Marché nocturne de Prunières de 19h à 22h


Vendredi 4 Août

Sur les marchés de La Roche des Arnauds (le matin) et à Ribiers de 19h à 22h


Vendredi 11 Août

Marché nocturne de Ribiers de 19h à 22h